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July Picks

This month, I’ve picked some of my very favorite beauty products, books, recipes and yoga classes for you. I’m hoping that  July is a month to recharge and enjoy the summer. Let’s all come together and take care of each other and take care of ourselves. Indulge in your July Picks! Best Beauty Products Double […]
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June Picks

Here we are, still laying low and it’s June!  This time in our lives will definitely be something to talk about for years to come. My June Picks are all New, Inspired, Forward Thinking and Forward Moving Picks to create a comfortable, yummy and peaceful environment for us all.  Let’s welcome June as the Upward […]
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May Picks

May is one of my favorite months!  It brings flowers, gardens and sunny days.  AND, it’s my birthday month!  I hope you all celebrate with me and check out my happy May Picks! Stay at Home Specials Amazon Picks for home! For your online shopping pleasure, I have put together some special treats for your […]
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April Picks

Since we are all spending more quality time at home these days, I wanted to brighten your days for you and your family with my “Take Care” Picks this April. Now is the time to pay extra attention to your health and healthy habits.   Don’t miss out on my April Picks!   Favorite Class […]
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March Picks

We are now entering the official start of Spring, also called the Spring equinox, on March 19th.  Spring symbolizes love, hope, youth and growth.   To get you motivated, after a long winter, I’ve chosen my favorite uplifting and inspiring Picks.  Enjoy! Favorite Class Yoga for Every-BODY This class is designed for every-BODY type. A constant flowy, […]
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February Picks

2020 is a leap year, which means we have 29 days in February. That means an extra day to give ourselves some self - love.  I’ve picked some ooey - gooey, loving February picks for y’all this month. Enjoy the LOVE! Favorite Class Stretch It Like Nora Calm your mind and stretch your body with […]
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January Picks

Welcome to 2020! Every time a new calendar year comes around, I always feel energized and motivated to be in the best body and mind shape possible.  There is no time like the present, so let’s not waste a moment by starting this year off with some of my favorite inspiring January picks. Happy, Healthy […]
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2019 December Picks

OK, everybody, I’m super excited to share with you my December Picks!  New, new, new! So many new classes, products and recipes to share with you!  I’ve been quietly working like crazy in the background, to bring you all my favorites for this month.  I hope you enjoy all of the goodies! Love, Nora Favorite […]
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2019 November Picks

November has been a month of healing, renewing and rebalancing.  Teaching in beautiful Hawaii has opened me up to the extreme possibilities that is present around us all!   In celebration of the unknown fantastic opportunities that await us, here are my November Picks! Love, Nora Favorite Recipe of the Month Hummus My Hummus recipe is […]
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