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May Picks

May 1, 2020

May is one of my favorite months!  It brings flowers, gardens and sunny days.  AND, it’s my birthday month!  I hope you all celebrate with me and check out my happy May Picks!

Stay at Home Specials

Amazon Picks for home!

For your online shopping pleasure, I have put together some special treats for your time at home.  Everything from my favorite snacks to my favorite yoga clothes, to my favorite beauty products.  I loved putting these specials together for you; please take a moment to browse!

Favorite Yoga Class

50-Minute Weight Loss Burn

This class  has been up in the top 5 Viewed classes for the last month!  I’m super proud of you  all, getting  your weight  loss burn booty in shape!  When we do all emerge from this crazy time, why not be in  the best shape  possible?

Favorite Abs Class

10-Minute Tummy Tone

Only 10 minutes! This Tummy Tone will get your ab’s ready for bikini weather! No excuses! Get in there for 10 minutes and tone your tummy!  I recommend doing this video 3-4 times a week for maximum results.

Favorite Article

Why You Need to Stretch More as You Age

Every year you get older. Every year you want to stay flexible enough to be able to do all the things you want to.  Walk, garden, practice yoga, play golf, tennis, and stay alert in our minds. Less stress, less tension, more mobility, better posture, are all positive benefits to stretching as you age. 

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