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June Picks

June 1, 2020

Here we are, still laying low and it’s June!  This time in our lives will definitely be something to talk about for years to come. My June Picks are all New, Inspired, Forward Thinking and Forward Moving Picks to create a comfortable, yummy and peaceful environment for us all.  Let’s welcome June as the Upward Swing in the times of the world!  Enjoy. 

My New Book!

A Year of Meditation: Daily Moments of Peace, Joy and Calm

I’ve been working for months behind the scenes to complete my first book on Meditation. The release date is June 30th, BUT, you can Pre-Order your copy today!  Make sure and watch my book trailer I made for you with love, on the beautiful island of Maui.

Favorite Yoga Class

35 Minute Yoga Flow with Lots of Abs

Someday soon, we will be enjoying the beach, the pool, and sunny warm days outside.  This 35 minute class is loaded with burning abs, to keep you looking fit, feeling strong, confident and ready to look amazing!

My Favorite Chocolate

Sacred Chocolate: 83% Maple Sweetened, Stone Ground, Organic, Vegan, Raw Chocolate

Yup! This is one of my absolute, hands down, favorite chocolate ever.  Midnight variety is unbelievably rich, Ecuadorian heirloom chocolate! This is my kind of 12 pack!

My Favorite Smoothie

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie: with Non-Dairy Yogurt

For most of the country, June is prime time for strawberries.  You can use your seasonal fresh strawberries from the refrigerator, or you can freeze them for a thicker, richer, strawberry, non-dairy yogurt smoothie! 

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