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April Picks

April 1, 2020

Since we are all spending more quality time at home these days, I wanted to brighten your days for you and your family with my “Take Care” Picks this April. Now is the time to pay extra attention to your health and healthy habits.   Don’t miss out on my April Picks!  

Favorite Class

Pranayama Breathing

If you can control your breath patterns you can control and balance your life patterns.  Follow along with Nora’s easy Pranayama breath class, filmed in Maui, Hawaii.

Favorite Card Deck

Dharma Deck

This beautifully photographed card deck has been my favorite, go-to deck for years.  Each card has a stunning picture on the front and a touching quote from Sages, Gurus, and Visionaries on the back.  A poignant reminder of what is really important.

Favorite Kitchen Must-Haves

Omega VRT 350 Juicer

It seems we might all be spending much more time at home.  If you really want to stay healthy and sustain healthy habits, this is for you!  This is my juicer! This is the same brand and model juicer that I use every day.  Now is the time to invest in your health!

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

If you want to make more smoothies while you are spending more time at home, this is the blender for you.  It pretty much blends on it’s own; REALLY! This is the make and model blender that I use every day for my yummy smoothies.

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