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2019 December Picks

December 1, 2019

OK, everybody, I’m super excited to share with you my December Picks!  New, new, new! So many new classes, products and recipes to share with you!  I’ve been quietly working like crazy in the background, to bring you all my favorites for this month.  I hope you enjoy all of the goodies!

Love, Nora

Favorite Recipe of the Month

Hazelnut Mylk

With the holidays, the parties and all of the family time, wouldn’t it be nice to bring something unique to share?  This recipe is so easy, and so good, it’s a shame not share it! Warm it up for an evening drink! It’s a great replacement for caffeine teas and coffees.  And it’s ssssooooo good!

Favorite Amazon Pick

100% Natural Hemp Nut Milk Bag.

Since you will be making so many amazing nut milks this holiday season, why not get one of the best nut milk bags on the market today!

This reusable, non-toxic natural nut milk bag has no glue or dyes with a 100% hemp drawstring top and 100% hemp sewing thread.  Wash with soap and water, hang to dry, and you can reuse over and over. A healthy kitchen must have!

Favorite Class of the Month

NEW: Bring It On Back

 This class is a fantastic 30 minute back check!  Bring it on Back is a wonderful heart opener, back stretch and low back strengthener.  No time to have a sore back this month, and this class will keep you in prime back shape!  The views not bad either: Think warm, tropical December weather…

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